Adult Medical Day Care**

Many elderly and disabled adults find themselves isolated, bored or lonely. Their caregiver can only provide so much stimulation. In addition, often the caregiver needs a break to go to work, attend to personal matters, work on their homes, run errands, or focus on other members of their family. They are nevertheless hesitant to leave their loved one home alone without structured activities and supervision. Highland Park’s Adult Day Services program allows family members the flexibility to plan their day knowing that their loved one is safe in a secure environment with a full range of available services.

Highland Park’s Adult Medical Day Care Services

Participants in Highland Park’s Adult Medical Day Services continue to live either in their own homes or with family members and come to the center daily while having their medical and social needs met. The Highland Adult Day Services Center provides stimulation through meaningful group and individual activities and socialization with staff and friends. With an emphasis on preventative healthcare, we have a clearly proven track record in reducing the need for costly hospitalizations or nursing home placement. Our participants are well cared for both physically as well as emotionally and socially.

Services provided to participants in the Highland Day Services Program include:

  • Registered Nursing Services
  • Activity Programs
  • Social Services
  • Specialty Meals and Snacks
  • Medication Assistance
  • Therapy
  • Bathing Assistance
  • Other Services as Needed

Transportation to and from the day care center is available to participants residing in most of Allegany County. The Highland Day Services Center is open Monday through Friday from 8am until 4pm.

For further information about our Adult Day Service Program, please contact Kathy Parmenter, RN Program Director, at (585) 593-6020.

**Adult Medical Day Care is a New York State Department of Health approved program operated by Highland Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Highland Day Services works closely in conjunction with other agencies in Allegany County.