Rehabilitation Petrolia

If you have recently undergone a corrective surgery or experienced a life-altering change, you need the support and care that is best suited to your full-recovery. The rehabilitation Petrolia program at Highland Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center knows that it is going to take some time and patience to adjust at this uncertain time.

We have the skill and confidence to get you back on your feet, living your active lifestyle again! And we will walk with you through every step it takes to ensure that.

What can you expect from us after an injury or surgery?

Of course, every person’s situation is different, and we acknowledge that at Highland Park. Our licensed physicians take care to thoroughly examine each patient upon admissions and will discuss the most beneficial rehabilitative methods of healing required for you or your loved one, providing peace of mind and clarity. Our nursing staff, occupational and physical therapists remain on site every day to assist you in different forms of corrective therapy that are geared to your unique situation.

Petrolia Rehabilitation

As we implement a treatment plan, our certified and professional LPNs, RNs, CNAs, and GPAs will work alongside you or your loved one to ease you back to a place of health, to listen consciously, and be someone you can depend on in this painful time. The greatest goal of our facility is not only to offer extensive care, but to also assist in improving your recovery time, and prevent future injuries from occurring.

Depending on the severity of your current state, we offer music therapy, pet therapy, and recreational therapy designed to improve your quality of life as you adjust to our facility. Whether you are with us for a short time or your physician recommends long-term care, we can assure you that we will treat you with the utmost compassion, understanding and love that you deserve as a human being. This is not a process you will have to go through alone. Your health is our number one priority, and our team is dedicated to that mission, day and night.

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In our rehabilitation Petrolia program, you will always be served exquisite meals that nourish your body with dozens of options and alternate menus to refer to, as well. Our dietician and Food Service Director work together in conjunction with our daily chef to make sure our guests are always satisfied!

We want you to eventually head home with a higher quality of life, full independence and improved, if not optimal, health. If you are interested to become a long term resident at our adult care facility, we will walk with you through every level of this life-altering transition.

We will gladly accommodate any special requirements or requests you may need. Although the road ahead may be frustrating and difficult to adjust to, our team at Highland Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center is prepared for any ups and downs you may encounter.

Our clinical psychologists are also available to you for any counseling needs you may require during this new experience.

For more information, to schedule a tour or if you have any questions about admissions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call now. (585)593-3750 We are a 24-hour facility, always available to take your call. Our user-friendly website also has a wealth of information to refer to regarding our rehabilitation Petrolia program, as well as the many amenities and services we provide at Highland Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. Let us help you achieve the life you had before your injury.

Highland Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is approved to accept Medicare; Medicaid and other private insurances. Medicare is a federally funded insurance program that pays for certain health care services for individuals over the age of 65. Call (585) 593-3750 to learn more about program qualifications.